Course 5: Export Administration

Welcome to Course 5:

Export Administration

This is the fifth free comprehensive course covering the export administration process.

This course is focused on providing learners with a solid understanding of how to effectively produce well-constructed quotations and proforma invoices where buyers provide you with poorly constructed enquiries. From what information to include and what to ask from prospective buyers to ensure that you quote and invoice safely and effectively. Thereafter the course fully unpacks the export sequence steps from the time you receive a formal order from your buyer to the receipt of payment. Having a full understanding of the export sequence ensures that you are able to fulfil your duties without error and ensures that you are able to export your products as safely and effectively as possible.

  ~2-3 hours    |   

  2 Modules

export administration

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Modules within this Course

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Module 1 Export Administration

Export Administration

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Module 2 Export Administration

Export Administration

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Learning Outcomes for Course 5: Export Administration

Once you’ve completed this module, you will be able to assess the comprehensiveness of incoming enquiries and request further information/clarification where necessary. Determine whether or not it is feasible to supply a prospective international buyer based on the information provided in the enquiry. Formulation of a quotation and/or a proforma invoice for a prospective importer of your product. Check a purchase order for compliance with the proforma invoice/quotation originally despatched to the potential foreign buyer concerned. Complete an order confirmation for despatch to the foreign buyer. Establish an efficient export enquiry record-keeping and filing system.
Upon completion of this module, you should be able to oversee the placing of details pertaining to an export order processing system. Take out forward cover. Issue internal work order to your company’s store division/factory or place an order with an external supplier for the goods required in terms of the order. Ensure that the consignment of goods intended for export is suitably packed and marked. Make the necessary preparations for the consignment to be shipped to the foreign market. Organise cargo insurance cover for the consignment. Organise credit insurance cover where the agreed payment method warrants it. Complete and, where necessary, assemble the relevant export documents in terms of the transaction. Complete the necessary customs formalities in respect of the consignment from South Africa. Check the relevant documents for conformity to the letter of credit where this is the agreed method of payment. Renumenrate third parties for services rendered in terms of the transaction. Convert your foreign currency proceeds into their local currency equivalent and manage the progress of the order by liaising regularly with the personnel responsible for the processing thereof.