Module 1: The International Legal Environment

Course 7: Export Legal Considerations

Module 1: The International Legal Environment

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international legal environment

This module offers a comprehensive exploration of the legal foundations of international trade. Students who complete this module will develop a nuanced understanding of the scope and classification of law in the context of international trade, encompassing public international law, national law, and private international law. It delves into the profound historical impact of international trade on the evolution of commercial law, tracing the development of legal principles over time. Additionally, the module sheds light on the diversity of legal traditions across the globe, highlighting how cultural and historical factors shape legal systems in different regions. Students will also gain insight into the sources of a country’s legal framework, whether it follows Western or non-Western traditions, enhancing their awareness of the multifaceted legal landscape governing international commerce. This module equips learners with the essential knowledge needed to navigate the intricate legal aspects of international trade and appreciate the dynamic interplay of various legal dimensions in a globalised business environment. Click the icon below to get started on this free module.

Who is this Module for?

Businesses & Organisations

looking to understand the nuances of international contracts

Governmental Organisations

that help facilitate or consult businesses on the International Legal Environment

Established export businesses

with export legal concerns for entering a new export market.


looking to further their understanding of international contracts and how the law is influences them.

Individuals & Students

who want to learn more about the export landscape, particularly in the Southern African region.

Upon successful completion of this module, students will have developed a comprehensive understanding of the pivotal role that law plays in all aspects of human activity. They will be able to differentiate between public international law, national law, and private international law, and articulate how each of these legal domains influences the actions and decisions of individuals and entities engaged in international trade.

The module also equips learners to elucidate the enforcement mechanisms of public international law and national law, and to recognize the role that private international law plays in facilitating dispute resolution between foreign trading partners. Students will gain insights into the evolution of commercial law, with a specific focus on the significance of merchant law in shaping trade practices.

Furthermore, the module enables students to explain how countries with distinct national legal systems can still adhere to the same legal tradition, providing a nuanced understanding of legal diversity and commonality. Through illustrative examples, participants will grasp the fundamental distinctions between Western and non-Western legal traditions.

The module also explores the varying significance of different sources of law for different countries, helping learners appreciate the multifaceted nature of legal frameworks in a global context. Lastly, it prompts a thoughtful discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of common law and civil law systems, offering a well-rounded perspective on legal traditions and their impact on international trade. This module empowers students to navigate the complex legal landscape of international trade, fostering a deeper appreciation of the multifaceted and interconnected nature of law in global business activities.

Understanding the export landscape can be a daunting challenge, for many the starting point is unclear and the way forward clouded by misinformation and dated sources. With this course, we break down and simplify the most basic and essential topics for export legal considerations with the most up-to-date and relevant information. Presented in high-definition video, with each topic ending in assessment to ensure the lesson is properly retained.

This free module is part of a comprehensive course and is the most important source of information you need to understand the export landscape. An understanding that is essential to any growing business or industry where the potential for international trade is high. Completing this free module is the first major brick in your foundational knowledge of export legal considerations and will form an essential part of your understanding of exports going forward.

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Topic 1: The structure of international trade law: Public International Law

Topic 2: The structure of international trade law: National Law and Private International Law

Topic 3: The origins of International Trade Law

Topic 4: Western versus non-Western Law

This module is one in a series of modules to form a comprehensive course covering export legal considerations. Every course and subsequent module has been developed and curated by the International Trade Institute of Southern Africa and Trade Forward Southern Africa. The entire training course is free of charge and can be completed by individuals and organisations alike. This module and subsequent course lays an essential foundation for trade internationally. If you know anyone that would be interested, share this module with them using the link below. We would also love your feedback, so drop us a review once you have completed the module.