Module 4: The UK – SACU+M Economic Partnership Agreement

Course 4: Customs Affairs

Module 4: The UK – SACU+M Economic Partnership Agreement

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This module serves as an essential guide to comprehending the UK – SACU+M Economic Partnership Agreement. Through this module, participants are empowered with the knowledge and insights necessary to harness the benefits and opportunities stemming from this agreement. Key topics covered encompass rules of origin, the methodologies and principles integral to determining product origins, and the procedural aspects involved in acquiring approved exporter status. By the module’s end, learners will be well-prepared to navigate the complexities of this agreement, unlock the potential for growth, and chart a successful path in their export endeavours within the framework of the UK – SACU+M EPA. Click the icon below to get started on this free module.

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In this comprehensive module, participants embark on a journey to develop an in-depth understanding of the UK – SACU+M Economic Partnership Agreement. The course is designed to equip learners with the essential knowledge and skills to effectively navigate the intricacies of this trade agreement. In the first section, participants delve into the provisions, objectives, and scope of the UK – SACU+M Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA). This knowledge serves as the cornerstone for building a comprehensive understanding of the agreement.

The next section provides learners with a clear grasp of the pivotal role that rules of origin play in determining eligibility for preferential trade treatment, as they delve into the specific requirements outlined in the agreement. This section also equips participants with a thorough comprehension of rules of origin, encompassing their definition, purpose, and essential principles. Topics covered include territoriality, non-alteration, accounting segregation, wholly obtained, substantial transformation, cumulation, value tolerance principle, and absorption principle.

The next segment delves into the specific territories where cumulation is applicable under the UK – SACU+M Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA). Learners will acquire a firm understanding of the precise rules of origin, encompassing product-specific regulations, value thresholds, and the concept of regional value content (RVC). This part of the module also underscores the significance of maintaining meticulous records and certifications to demonstrate compliance with rules of origin. It also clarifies the diverse documentation requirements essential for substantiating origin claims.

Participants will gain practical expertise in effectively implementing rules of origin. This encompasses the assessment of product eligibility, collaboration with suppliers for compliance, and the ability to seek professional guidance when needed for optimal rule utilisation. This section offers a comprehensive understanding of the principles and procedures associated with proof of origin. It encompasses the conditions for creating origin declarations, the validity and submission of proof of origin, as well as the essential supporting documents involved in the process.

Participants in this module will gain a clear understanding of the procedures and prerequisites for securing approved exporter status. The content will emphasise the registration process and underscore the advantages that this status affords exporters operating under the UK – SACU+M Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA). This module empowers learners with the knowledge, understanding, and practical skills needed to harness the full potential of the UK – SACU+M Economic Partnership Agreement and excel in their trade ventures under this framework.

Understanding the export landscape can be a daunting challenge, for many the starting point is unclear and the way forward clouded by misinformation and dated sources. With this course, we break down and simplify the most basic and essential topics for customs affairs with the most up-to-date and relevant information. Presented in high-definition video, with each topic ending in assessment to ensure the lesson is properly retained.

This free module is part of a comprehensive course and is the most important source of information you need to understand the export landscape. An understanding that is essential to any growing business or industry where the potential for international trade is high. Completing this free module is the fourth major brick in your foundational knowledge of customs affairs and will form an essential part of your understanding of exports going forward. It is also the perfect segway into our next course covering export financial issues.

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Topic 1: An overview of the UK – SACU+M Economic Partnership Agreement

Topic 2: Rules of origin and the principles and methodologies used to determine the origin of your product

Topic 3: Documents used to prove the origin status of a product and the process entailed in gaining ‘approved exporter’ status

This is the fourth module in a series of five to form a comprehensive course covering customs affairs. Every course and subsequent module has been developed and curated by the International Trade Institute of Southern Africa and Trade Forward Southern Africa. The entire training course is free of charge and can be completed by individuals and organisations alike. This module and subsequent course lays an essential foundation for trade internationally. If you know anyone that would be interested, share this module with them using the link below. We would also love your feedback, so drop us a review once you have completed the module.

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In this module we will be exploring the categories of country development and their relevance to International Trade. We will be covering why countries trade with each other and what goods get traded. We also present a case for free trade, barriers to trade and why they matter. This module also covers the importance and impact of specific global bodies on world trade, which are essential avenues for successful exports. To round off the module we will break down the changing exports landscape through the use of regional trading blocs and relevant trade agreements.

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