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Exporting from south africa export assistance

Our free export assistance courses address topics such as Incoterms, FOB, Pest Analysis, Modes of Transport and many more!


In our export assistance training courses we cover the Incoterms ® 2020 in full detail.

Understanding the Incoterms ® 2020 is integral to the success of any business looking to break into the international market by exporting its products.

We cover each of the eleven Incoterms explaining how they work, and who the responsibility and obligations fall on at any point during the shipment.

We also cover the attached cost implications, the various three-letter codes, how they apply to your different cargo or shipping options and many more.

Pest Analysis

International marketing can be an overwhelming thing to understand and execute.

In our free export assistance training course, we provide you with an introduction to international marketing.

We teach you all about the PEST analysis, what it is, how you should apply it and why it is an important factor in your international marketing efforts.

Be prepared for your export efforts by understanding the market you are aiming to export to fully, as well as how to effectively market your products within the international market you are exporting to.

Modes of Transport

Our free export assistance training courses break down the various modes of transport available to companies looking to export their products internationally. 

When exporting your products it is important to be aware of all of the modes of transport available to you.

 We also cover the respective advantages and disadvantages of each mode of transport

Throughout the course, we outline each of the various modes of transport and which types of cargo are best suited for which mode of transport

We also break down the various types of cargo.

Free on Board (FOB)

Free on board or FOB is an incoterm that forms part of Incoterms ® 2020. Our free export assistance training course places a big focus on various Incoterms ®.

We explain the various Incoterms ® in detail, with FOB being one of the most important. FOB or free on board indicates that the seller is liable for the goods until they reach the buyer in their respective country.

This includes any damage or destruction that the products may face during shipment.

Knowing the Incoterms ® you’re agreeing to is very important to ensure effective international exports.

Export Confidently

Exporting from South Africa and SACU-M Countries can seem overwhelming but with our export assistance training courses you’ll enter the international exporting environment with confidence and all of the knowledge needed to make a success of your exporting journey.

Signup for our free comprehensive export assistance course to gain access to our 28 modules of export training. These modules and courses are for anyone from beginner to expert and aim to turn any business into a successful exporter.