Export Assistance Offered by the TFSA School of Export

export assistance

The truth is that Africa doesn’t need aid; it needs trade. Whether you are exporting from South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Eswatini or Mozambique, you could have a massive impact on your economy and community. However, the global market is a complex beast! Far too many great Southern African businesses enter the export market without access to the knowledge they need to succeed. The TFSA School of Export aims to change that. The TFSA program has set up a fully digital online school of export to assist businesses exporting from South Africa and neighbouring countries. The online platform offers a range of on-demand, export-related content intended to give business owners and staff the knowledge and information they need to become the next export giant of Africa. This article focuses on what sort of information and export assistance the TFSA School of Export offers.

export assistance

The Export Assistance Offered

Unfortunately, having a fantastic product is not enough to be successful internationally. Doing business internationally requires a strong understanding of several concepts that may be foreign to you if you have not conducted an export transaction before. The TFSA School of export demystifies exporting from South Africa and other SACU+M countries by providing training on Incoterms®, international modes of transport, marketing for exports, letters of credit and other international payment methods, free trade and protectionism, export credit insurance and a range of other topics. Furthermore, the TFSA program has built a trade and information Hub and integrated some of the most powerful trade tools used by exporters worldwide.

Incoterms®, Modes of Transport, Marketing for Exports and what Exporters need to know

Without the right approach to marketing for exports, your product is unlikely to attract the sort of international buyer interest it deserves. Essential to marketing for exports is a thorough export marketing plan. However, an export marketing plan and a domestic marketing plan have vastly different influencing factors. Through the TFSA School of Export “introduction to international marketing” module, you will be guided through the various elements that constitute a winning export marketing plan. Furthermore, our modules on Incoterms® and international modes of transport will give you the knowledge you need to effectively use the ICC Incoterm® rules for delivery and choose the most appropriate mode of transport to transport your goods.

export assistance

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