3 Resources to help you get started in International Trade

international trade

Whether you are exporting from South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Lesotho, or Eswatini, you could positively contribute to your country’s economic development and prosperity by engaging in International Trade. However, a positive contribution to development requires that you succeed in your international trade objectives. This article explores three international trade resources that will give you a more comprehensive idea of what is required to succeed in growing your business globally.

international trade

#1 The TFSA School of Export for International Trade knowledge

The TFSA School of Export is a free-to-use, online, international trade training resource that explains how business is conducted across borders. The TFSA School of Export hosts interactive E-learning modules on an easy-to-use learner management system, completely accessible online. The modules provided include “An Introduction to International Marketing”, “Incoterms®”, “Choosing the Most Appropriate Mode of Transport”, and “Costing for Exports”, to name a few. Ultimately, the TFSA School of Export is a quick and easy way to get the knowledge you need to start your export journey.

#2 The International Trade Institute of Southern Africa for Export knowledge

The International Trade Institute of Southern Africa has developed all the content for the on-demand TFSA School of Export. However, ITRISA also offers more comprehensive accredited qualifications. For example, the ITRISA Diploma in International Trade Management (Exports) or (Imports) provides a complete understanding of international trade relations, international cargo movement, international marketing and purchasing, trade finance and payments, monetary relations, international trade law and international trade administration and management.

#3 The ITC tools for research, international marketing, and compliance

The TFSA School of Export and the qualifications offered by ITRISA give you the knowledge and expertise needed to engage in international trade. The International Trade Centre’s trade tools provide valuable data to help you use your international trade expertise to make good export business decisions. For example, the wide range of tools offered by the ITC will help you identify export and import opportunities, compare market-access requirements, monitor national trade performance, conduct international marketing research and make informed international business decisions.

international trade

The list provided is by no means exhaustive and is intended to provide the first steps in getting started on your export journey. Ultimately, the first step in becoming a successful exporter is learning what being a successful exporter entails. Click the link below and get started with the TFSA School of Export for Free, and let us walk you through your export journey.

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